Our Team

In its short history, Storelli has already attracted interest from the biggest soccer distributors around the world, and has been praised by players for the innovative nature and look of its products. At Storelli, we attribute a large part of our remarkable success to the uniquely talented team that we have been fortunate enough to have assembled. Here is a little more information about some of our key personnel.

Papa' Storelli


Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Papa' Storelli had an illustrious academic career in the US before starting a number of innovative ventures, several of which are alive and well to this day. Although he is no longer actively involved in the day-to-day activities of the company, he watches lovingly from the sidelines, imparting advice with his distinctive Italian accent

Jing Liang

Co-Founder, Head of Technology & Product Dev

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Jing holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins University and is the visionary behind the innovative technologies incorporated in our Storelli products. Jing is also a fearless goalkeeper, and can be spotted playing indoors in his hometown of New York City on any night of the week

Tom Marchesi

Head Designer

A graduate of the University of Vermont and the Pratt Institute, Tom is the mastermind behind the designs that distinguish the Storelli Sports product line. Prior to joining Storelli, Tom had an illustrious career designing sports gear and apparel for other sporting disciplines, including several years of experience at Dakine Hawaii designing skiing and bicycling equipment. In addition to his design expertise, Tom brings a passion for soccer, as well as years of experience as a runner, snowboarder and cyclist

Matt Weill

Director of Administrative Affairs

A native of Merrick, New York, Matt is known across New York State for his powerful right and left foot (yes, both!) and soccer playmaking skills. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University and a member of its nationally-ranked collegiate soccer team, Matt is also the proud holder of a law degree from Cardozo Law School and is an active member of the New York Bar.

Alex Kouznetsov

Manager of Sales

Alex is the driving force behind Storelli's exceptional customer service philosophy and sales initiatives. The son of an Olympic soccer star and a lifelong soccer player himself, Alex was born in Russia, raised in Sweden, and moved to New York after being actively recruited to lead the Adelphi College men's soccer team in Long Island. Now based in Brooklyn, Alex brings to Storelli a distinct European flair and passion for life and soccer. You can find Alex in Chinatown on any given weekend leading his local team of Swedish ex-pats against New York's finest club soccer sides.

Focused Goals

Founded in late 2009, Storelli is the only brand devoted exclusively to the design and manufacture of innovative protective apparel for soccer.

Clear Understanding of Players' Needs

As soccer players ourselves, we know that most players “feel the pain” when they train and play on rugged grass/dirt fields or abrasive artificial turf surfaces. Under these conditions, every tackle or dive is painful and can cause cuts, scrapes, bruises and infections.

Protection Through Innovation

Our gear is the result of extensive market research and player feedback and is specifically designed to take “the pain” out of the picture, enhancing performance and the enjoyment of the game.

Protection, Flexibility and Comfort

Our products are designed to maximize protection, flexibility and comfort for serious soccer players, using groundbreaking materials and new proprietary designs and technologies.

Soccer focused

Unlike many of our competitors, soccer is not an afterthought for us. Our products are designed exclusively by soccer players, for soccer players. We know players will love our gear - because every one of our products is the result of painstaking field research and incorporates extensive feedback from players just like you!

Cutting edge technology

Our products incorporate innovative materials never before used in soccer, including protective foams originally created for NASA, and designs that afford extreme protection and enhanced ball control. You need to see it to believe it!

Unique look

In addition to being functionally superior, our products feature a distinct, “edgy” look that will set you apart from the crowd.