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ExoShield Head Guard

Style Number: HGUARDBK
Popularized as the "most protective", comfortable and stylish soccer head protection on the market - as worn by world-class players in English Premier League and Champions League.

Note: The Exoshield HeadGuard was specifically designed to provide protection against impact to the head and to reduce the incidence of cuts and bruises to covered areas. Although third-party testing confirms that the Exoshield HeadGuard significantly reduces the force of impact to covered areas, there is no conclusive data showing that the ExoShield HeadGuard prevents concussions, which can result from a combination of factors including, direct impact to the head.

U.S. Patent No. 9,392,831

Military Grade Protection:

Up to 9mm of viscoelastic protective foams (used in combat-grade military helmets) allows you to head the ball with confidence. The ExoShield Head Guard protects your head from cuts and bumps due to head collisions and feels so comfortable you will forget you are even wearing armor.


Weighing only 8 ounces, the ExoShield Head Guard fits comfortably, conforming to the shape of your head for maximum comfort and fit. Compete for every ball, without working harder to compensate for bulky gear.


Storelli's sleek headband design avoids the traditional 'helmet' look while still maximizing head protection in key areas. Designed to fit perfectly on soccer players of all ages from kids to adults.

  • 3

    Size 6 is too small for anyone with thick hair. Need to add size 7

  • 5
    Great Product

    My daughter has used your protective headgear since her 2nd concussion and I have to say I wish more goalies and field players would wear it. When she got her 3rd concussion she hit her head against the goal post and I swear that her headgear took most of the blow. Unfortunately she just received her 4th concussion and can no longer play contact sports, but it wasn't for a lack of headgear, she got kicked in the head. I personally think more needs to be done to protect our kids in these extremely competitive environments and applaud your efforts for trying to get the word out.

  • 5
    Excellent goalkeeper protection.

    Excellent headgear. D1 female soccer keeper wears this so she can stay in the game. Ordered 2 more after her soccer bag was stolen out of her car at college. Love it! Wish all players wore it.

  • 5
    Very satisfied

    I bought this after a bad concussion to try to protect myself a little more. I provides some minor protection (obviously it's not helmet), and I'm very happy with the quality. It stretches and fits better once you sweat a bit.

  • 5
    Very satisfied

    I bought this after a bad concussion to try to protect myself a little more. I provides some minor protection (obviously it's not helmet), and I'm very happy with the quality. It stretches and fits better once you sweat a bit.

  • 5
    Grade A+

    The Storelli Exoshield is by far the best head protection you can get. My daughter loves it and simply will not play without it. Thanks for making awesome product!!!

  • 4
    runs larger

    I measured my son's head twice, my husband once. We came up with measurements that were for a size 6, but now received the item and it is too big. :( Upset since I had hoped that my son, a keeper, would be using it for a Labor Day weekend tournament. Great product, but ran big!

  • 4
    Great product and customer service

    I ordered a size one for my petite 15 year old daughter, who plays flag football at the high school level. It felt way too tight, so I got on Storelli's online chat and had a constructive (yet hilarious) chat with one of their experts. I sent it back and they sent me a size two, which turned out to be way too big. So we will have to re-order the size one, which is okay because not only is their shipping uber fast (like just a few days to Anchorage, Alaska) but their customer service is fantastic and their representatives have a great sense of humor. I'm glad I stumbled across their site!

  • 5
    Best headguard for kids

    I purchased this for my 12 year old based on recommendations from his soccer coach. It fits perfectly, and makes him feel super confident on the field.

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