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Men’s BodyShield Anti-Abrasion Leggings


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Style Number: BSABRLEGBK
Armed with patent-pending SABR-Tex™ (Stretchy Anti-Abrasion Textile) panels, the new Men’s BodyShield Abrasion Leggings are here to help goalkeepers and field players alike resist lower body burns on a multitude of surfaces (e.g., turf, hardwood, grass).

These Sliders feature 8 SABR-Tex™ panels, covering all of the areas of your legs that are at highest risk of turf burns: the thighs, knees and side of the calves. Each panel is remarkably thin, durable and acts as a reinforced second skin, shielding you when you slide tackle, dive or get tackled, without hindering movement or performance.

Furthermore, the leggings feature a unique shin guard pocket, so you can practice or play without wearing tall socks to hold your shin pads in place.

Test it for 30 days or return it for a refund if not satisfied.

Abrasion Resistant:

Each patent-pending SABR-Tex™ is heat bonded using fortified nylon panels and acts as a reinforced second skin to protect your thighs from friction burns.


Made with micro-fiber paneling that is breathable in the summer, but keeps you warm in the winter.

Built-in Shin Guard Pocket:

First-ever pocket that locks your shin guard in place without the need of extra sleeves or taping that wastes your time and weighs you down.

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