BodyShield LegGuard 2.0

Style Number: BSLGUARDBK

Premium lower leg protection with revolutionary design that holds shin guards in place without the need for constant manual adjustments or tape. Includes 2 LegGuards (a pair).

Note: shin pads NOT included. Designed to fit most slip-in shin pads.

Test it for 30 days or return it for a refund if not satisfied.

Impact Resistant:

Provides hard-core protection to the areas not covered by the shin pad, including the external side of the leg and the ankle, from high-performance polyurethane material optimized for impact-absorbsion.


Designed for optimal movement and adaptability, makes you quickly forget you are wearing extra leg and ankle protection. When you run through your opponents' tackles, on the other hand, they will not forget.


Sleek design avoids traditional "helmet" look while still maximizing head protection in key areas.

  • 5
    Lightest ankle protection out there.

    Such light ankle protection, you don't even feel/see it. I couldn't find anything comfortable to protect my ankles prior to this, can't believe no one thought of this before! The pocket for slip in shinguard holds the shinguard in place without any tape or pre-wrap. Stellar product - oh and...it also provide protection on the outside of the legs as well. Over and out.

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