BodyShield LegGuard 2.0

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You ain’t seen anything like it. And once you try it, you will wonder why it has taken so long for a brilliant brand to come up with such a brilliant product. The BodyShield LegGuard is here to revolutionize lower leg protection and comfort:

1) It fits comfortably like a shin guard sleeve (note: shin pad NOT included), holding your favorite shin guard in place during the game. And you can easily wear your normal socks on top. But you don’t even have to if you want to stay light!

2) It offers a flexible, breathable layer of our extreme-protection foam on the side of the leg and ankle, protecting you from kicks and hard grounds. No more limping around when you get tackled, and be ready to run through opponents like they couldn’t hurt you!

3) It looks cool and tough. You don’t even need to wear socks on top. Enough said.


• Protection: High-performance Poron XRD polyurethane foam provides maximum protection from impact and abrasion. Advanced anti-microbial treatment reduces the risk of infections

• Flexibility: Unique padding design and placement that enhances mobility without compromising protection

• Comfort: Custom-designed to maximize comfort, including premium moisture-wicking compression fabric to optimize comfort and breathability

Available sizes: M (if you are S or M), L (if you are L or XL)
Youth sizes: YM (if you are YS or YM), YL (if you are YL or YXL)

Pricing: Adult sizes - $39.99, Youth sizes - $34.99

BodyShield LegGuard 2.0

What our customers are saying

By Heather, USA

My son is 14 and a very aggressive soccer player. He's playing in a tournament every weekend. We were icing ankles, he was having to miss practice. Then I saw the Storelli leg/ankle protector. I wasn't sure if he'd wear them, but he absolutely loves them says he can run better and no more cuts from cleats, no more swelling. Thank you!!

By Amos Kwon, Gear Patrol

The Storelli BodyShield LegGuard fits over the “old guard” and holds it, replacing high soccer socks and making them an optional choice. High-performance XRD polyurethane foam with antimicrobial treatment ensures that you get protection from opponents’ kicks on the ankle and leg beyond the coverage of traditional shin guards and makes sure any unfortunate slide tackles don’t leave you with a nasty infection.

By Joshua Vujovic, Soccer Reviews For You

The Storelli BodyShield Leg Guard is a product that really helps to reduce the amount of impact injuries that you'll suffer throughout the season. . . It is one of very few products that I can actually recommend to anybody, for any position and is guaranteed to reduce the number of impact injuries that occur throughout the season, keeping you in the game at all times.


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