BodyShield GK Shorts

Bodyshield Goalkeeper Protective Shorts | Storelli Sports


These shorts are designed to give you the heavy-duty protection you need during practice or when playing on hard surfaces, while still conforming closely to your body for maximum comfort.


• Protection: Up to 6mm of custom-gradient molded EVA foam provides protection from the most rugged fields, so you can stop worrying about getting hurt and play your hardest

• Flexibility: Proprietary V-Flex pad design maximizes your range of motion while still affording you heavy-duty protection

• Comfort: Premium moisture-wicking compression fabric conforms closely to your body, optimizing comfort and breathability

Available sizes: YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL
Colors: Black

BodyShield GK Shorts

What our customers are saying

By Ashley, Arizona, USA

The Storelli BodyShield GK Shorts are durable, well-formed and extremely protective, while still having a sleek and unique design. The Storelli GK Shorts provide me with properly cushioned padding on my legs while still allowing me to jump, shuffle, run and dive all un-obstructed.

By Larry, California, USA

My son trains with the LA Galaxy Academy every week. We tried other pads, but he was still in a lot of pain after training. I'd become very concerned about the long-term consequences of accumulated repetitive injury to his hip. But with his Storelli shorts that stay in place, he's had zero bruising and zero problems after practice. He can train hard now with a purely positive result! With these shorts you can train as hard as you want, as often as you want, without concern.

By Mike, USA

Great products. I'm 42 on this coming Saturday, and your product have kept these "old" bones in the game!

By Matthew, Tennessee, USA

The shorts and pants not only give me the best protection available, I honestly believe they have made me a better Keeper because of the confidence that comes along with knowing that anytime I have to go to ground or mix it up on a long cross getting injured by a fall or a knee shot never enters my mind. I’m definitely more aggressive now. . . Thank you again for making such an incredible product! You do indeed have a customer for life.

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