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Engineered to reduce extreme levels of impact

We're in the impact protection business. One of the primary goals of our secret weapon gear is to absorb the force that other players try to inflict on you, so you can get away unscathed. In addition to unparalleled flexibility, breathability, and comfort, our revolutionary foam materials provide -- wait for it -- maximum body protection.

Our products proudly use superior PORON® XRD® material, tested to the highest degree of efficiency. That searing pain caused by your opponent's rogue knee colliding with your thigh at midfield? Gone. Don't even think about it. Stop thinking about it. Stop. Good.


Responsive design for optimal
movement and adaptability

We know what you're thinking; with industry leading impact protection comes performance limitations. Au contraire, my sportive friend. We make secret weapons. Our proprietary impact foam technology is specifically designed to maximize protection without compromising agility, utilizing highly flexible materials and combining them in an ergonomic way that actually mimic the way your body flexes, simultaneously protecting you from injury while getting the heck out of your way. Indeed, we understand that on-field protection is only useful if your manager puts you on the field at all.


Breathable, moisture wicking fabric that uses performance friendly open cell materials

Keep flying. We source and manufacture with ridiculously lightweight and breathable materials, assuring that the removal of your Storelli protection after 90 minutes of running isn't equivalent to opening the door to a disgusting, sweat-drenched sauna. We achieve this through performance-friendly open cell foams and moisture wicking fabrics.


Use of combat-tested, military-grade material

Bragging rights. We engineer our impact protection foams with the same manufacturers that make actual military helmets. The ExoShield Head Guard is the only product on the market that uses state of the art military-grade material. Blunt trauma will be the absolute least of your worries. (Manufacturer's note: this military grade protective material cannot and will not prevent red cards. You're on your own there.)

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Sleek, comfortable fit without compromising performance.

When you wear Storelli protection, it won't be noticeable. Not invisible, but not noticeable either. Product reviews do most of the talking for us, but here are the facts. You cannot expect to outrun a midfielder wearing what resembles a strong safety's shoulder pads. This is soccer. That's why our material is ultra slim-fitting, aligning with the contours of your body to properly provide protection without you even knowing it's there. But it will be. And it will be glorious.


Blocks germs and odors with anti-microbial fabrics.

A common issue in the world of sports padding and support is that it can get gross. We source anti-bacterial and anti-odor fibers to make sure protection will not be the cause of your stink, and it will not be the cause of your infection. The sad reality is that staph infections are everywhere these days (GROSS) and while you should probably still shower after a game, you can rest assured that the Storelli gear you wore that day significantly reduced the chance of any turf burns and abrasions that may cause bacterial build-up, which, again, is gross. Storelli is the complete, tumble friendly, fresh-smelling package.

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