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Women’s BodyShield Anti-Abrasion Sliders


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Armed with patent-pending SABR-Tex™ (Stretchy Anti-Abrasion Textile) panels, the new Women’s BodyShield Abrasion Sliders are here to help athletes resist lower body friction and turf burns on a multitude of surfaces (e.g., turf, hardwood).

These sliders feature 6 SABR-Tex™ panels, covering the sides of your thighs. Each panel is remarkably thin, durable and acts as a reinforced second skin, shielding you when you slide tackle, dive or get tackled, without hindering movement or performance.

Abrasion Resistant:

Each patent-pending SABR-Tex™ is heat bonded using fortified nylon panels and acts as a reinforced second skin to protect your thighs from friction burns.


SABR-Tex™ panels are ultra-tough, but they maintain the flexibility and stretchy nature of nylon for a comfortable, second-skin fit.


SABR-Tex™ panels are so thin and light you will forget you are wearing armor. Your opponents won’t.

Be the first to review this product.

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